Monthly I.P.M Services

We are experienced in providing monthly Integrated Pest Management Extermination program in residential buildings for our residential investors


We are experienced in providing a professional detail inspection to find exterior and interior rodent entry points, we also perform exclusion services ( Closing openings ), we perform clean up and disinfection services removing mice droppings and organic matter. 


We control and eliminate Rats on residential and commercial locations,  we also perform rat exclusion services.


Exterior traps will be Professionally installed and monitored to remove skunk population.  We specialize in performing Skunk exclusion services. 


With raccoons a detail inspection is always required as in many cases they could brake into attics and interior traps will be recommended.  With exterior activity traps will be installed near the active areas.  We specialize in performing raccoon exclusion services, attic clean up & Disinfection. 


We specialize in providing a professional squirrel inspection as we do not only use squirrel raps but we also use on way tunnels, and we perform squirrel exclusion services as well.


We perform exterior mosquito seasonal treatments following all required regulations.


We perform seasonal exterior tick treatments around perimeter areas. 


We perform Real Estate Wood Destroying Inspections with a professional report and also provide Termite, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Powder Post Beetle & Wood Boring Beetle control. 


We perform a detail snake exterior and interior property inspection to offer preventative solutions and preventative treatments. 

Bed Bugs

We always perform a professional Bed Bug inspection, also offer Bed Bug Preparation services, Infested Furniture Disposal services, Infested clothing laundry services. 

Prestige Pest Services

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Remove unwanted guests from your home or business with the pest control services from Prestige Pest Services in New Jersey and New York. With a quick response time and accurate pricing, our staff humanely traps snakes, squirrels, and other small animals and exterminates bedbugs and other insects. We specialize in difficult areas, working hard to provide nothing short of complete customer satisfaction.

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